Equipment for Sale

Chesapeake Compost Works is selling a collection of equipment, materials, training, and customer databases that is a turn-key entrance into blending and bagging a line of compost, mulch, soils, and other aggregate materials.  We sold more than $50,000 of bagged product from 6/1/15 to 6/1/16, our first 12 months of marketing and selling bagged soils in earnest.  This is all the equipment and knowledge that you would need to start selling at that level and build it into business selling hundreds of thousands of dollars of product per year.

The equipment and materials include:

  • Multibagger bagging machine, made by Sand Bagger.  Bought new in March 2015
  • New Holland LS190 skid loader.  Includes a 1/2 yard and 3/4 yard bucket with bolt on teeth for the larger bucket, and fork attachment (therefore no need for a separate forklift).  Maintained and greased regularly, works perfectly.
  • Hand trommel screener, build from modified cement mixer (see picture below).  Uses 1/4″ screen, 1 person can screen about 10 yards an hour (as fast as you can shovel).  Great for making finely screened compost for potting soil.  Modified with wider wheel base for stability.  Runs on 110v.
  • Bulk bag filler, build 2016 (see video below).  Custom built from heavy gauge rolled steel and painted with industrial rust-proof paint.  Customized to easily be moved by forks, bulk bag attached, and the bag filled.  Two people can bag a 2-yard bulk bag in a few minutes.  Included are a few bulk bags, and information on the cheapest vendor for more.
  • Shipping container bagging station (see picture below).  Modified 8′ x 20′ shipping container for bagging and palletizing.  Has shelving welded to the interior to store supplies, a 5′ wide side door to remove finished pallets, interior circulation fan for staff comfort, and an exterior covered area to keep ready-to-ship product dry.  Exterior roof has been removed for transportation and would need to be reassembled.
  • Uline foot impact sealer with custom wooden bag stand (see picture below).  Seals a poly bag in two seconds, quick and easy.  Runs on 110v. Included is information on the poly bag manufacturer to print and make custom bags, along with recommendations on bag size, strength, and breathing holes.
  • 3 two-yard bulk bags of coarse perlite.
  • 15 bales of coarse peat moss.
  • About 1/2 cubic yard of worm castings.

Marketplace knowledge and training include:

  • A customer database that we’ve organized over four years, including 385 local buyers of soil.  This list is organized by buyers of bulk, bagged, super-sacked, and includes retail stores, landscaping companies, institutional buyers, and farmers.  The database also includes 5 regional distributors of garden supplies and other horticultural products that could distribute your product.  The database also includes 57 wood waste suppliers, which is helpful if you are also composting or otherwise need carbon material.  Finally, the database includes 40 public events and gardening organizations in the area that would be targeted for advertising campaigns.
  • Training on all aspects of production, including product recipes, for our line of soil products.  This includes Compost, Garden Mix (a rich topsoil), Container Mix, Potting Soil, and Worm Castings.  Although we never brought it to market, we have plans and ideas for a container mix specifically for growing cannabis at different stages of growth.  Training includes everything you would need to know about how to blend and package and distribute to customers.  We would provide 10 hours of training either in person if local or over the phone if not.
  • A list of all the vendors who we purchased all our ingredients and other materials from, including the best quality and cheapest peat moss, perlite, worm castings, organic fertilizers, bags, boxes, packing tape, pallets, and pallet wrap.  Every cent counts when maximizing margins, and through years of digging, we know where to get these things cheapest.

Note- We are based in Baltimore, MD, and much of the intellectual property is most useful applicable for businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Asking Price – $60,000 picked up from Baltimore 

Not included in this price is the right to use our trademarked name, logo, and bag designs.  If interested, please inquire.

We also are selling:

  • A Retech Eliminator Trommel Screen – 18′ by 6′ screen, can screen up to 100 yards per hour.
  • Various shop tools (wrenches, sockets, air compressor, etc.)
  • Various work tools (shovels, rakes, and wheel barrows)
  • Office furniture (two swivel chairs, table, filing cabinet)

If you are interested in these, please inquire.

Various videos of equipment in action:

Skid loader filling bulk bag

Bagging machine (promotional video showing the bagging and palletizing process)



Display from the 2016 Independent Garden Center Show


Display from the 2014 MANTS Show.  Trade shows introduce you to both customers and vendors, and we’ve collected a lot of contacts from both of these shows.


Providing displays for your product are essential for success in retail stores.  We’ll show you how to quickly and cheaply build these all-weather displays.IMG_3893

This hand screener is perfect for batch screening for potting soil and other products that require fine, high quality screening of compost and other additions.

IMG_3887 2

This is the impact sealer and custom build wooden stand to hold bags while sealing them.  Seals securely in two seconds.


The shipping container being built.  This shot shows the additional side door and the construction of the side roof.

Please contact vinnie at chesapeakecompost dot com for more information.