Our Story

Chesapeake Compost Works was started by farmers who understand that quality soil is the foundation of a clean environment and a healthy food system.  We’re passionate about sustainable agriculture, and the power that community-based farming can have on our neighborhoods, our planet, and our nutrition.  However, growing food and other plants in depleted soils it tough.  Growing them sustainably without the use of chemical fertilizers is near impossible.  We know that if we’re serious about transforming our food system and our landscapes, we’ve got to make a lot of healthy, fertile soil, and we need to make it fast!

Years of development and agriculture have taken their toll on our region’s soils, but we knew that we could fix that problem through composting.  At the same time, we were frustrated to see so much wastes food scraps being sent to the landfill.  Food scraps and other compostable waste accounts for up to 25% of our waste stream, yet we rarely recycle.  These food scraps sit and rot in landfills, creating powerful greenhouse gasses.  A wasted opportunity to say the least.  Instead of burying these assets, we compost them, turning a waste into valuable product that is vital to our future.

As a response to our depleted soils and our filling landfills we started Chesapeake Compost Works to create the best soil available, close the loop in our waste stream, and support those making the Chesapeake Bay region a clean and healthy place to live.