Our Mission

Chesapeake Compost Works bridges the gap in our organic waste stream by creating the highest quality compost that’s safe and effective to use in gardens and landscapes throughout the Chesapeake region.

Committed to Quality

We prioritize making the highest quality compost available.  We start with nutrient rich feedstocks, hand pick out any plastics or non-biodegradable material, and meticulously monitor the composting process.  The result is a rich living soil that your plants will love.

Committed to the Environment

Composting preserves our climate and our soils.  Landfilling material releases methane, a very powerful greenhouse gas.  Composting our waste, instead of landfilling it, prevents these greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere.  Plus, we return the important nutrients back to the soil instead of throwing them away, allowing farmers and gardeners to grow more plants.

Committed to the Community

We are excited to be in Curtis Bay, a neighborhood in Baltimore City.  Both the neighborhood and the city are looking for clean, sustainable alternatives to the pollution often found in industrial areas.  Chesapeake Compost Works is proud to be an example of green industry, creating jobs without sacrificing the health of our neighbors.